Make time for 15 minutes of learning everyday

Campaign for Learning’s ‘Learning at Work Week’ is another fantastic opportunity for employers and their staff to review and invigorate their learning and development efforts.

This year’s theme ‘Made for Learning’ focusses on how as humans we are constantly learning and adjusting our understanding and behaviours accordingly. Certainly, this last year has never been such a fine example of us all having to adapt and evolve as we navigated the COVID- 19 pandemic. But how can we take our human capacity to learn and turn it into something more purposeful for active lifelong learning?

Making habits stick

Our routines have been ever changing this last year so how do you schedule time and make habits stick for consistent, active learning?

15 minutes each day – make it achievable

Committing to 15 minutes of learning each day amounts to over 90 hours of learning a year. That’s more than 2 average working weeks and over 10 years it’s almost half a year! Imagine what you could achieve, learn and become in that time.

Use your commute – find a pocket of time

Bite-size bursts of learning are short enough to do during a commute or first thing before checking emails. Considering that many employees are now home working the time that would have been used for their commute could be used for learning, helping to boost motivation for their day ahead.

Appreciate the benefits – self-improvement and wellbeing

Schedule and allow this time for you and recognising the importance it has on self-improvement. Learning directly contributes to self-value and enriches wellbeing as well as expending your knowledge.

Being ready to learn

So you’ve found your pocket of time but what could you do, whether it’s informal or formal learning here’s a short list of reminder ideas:

  • Watch a TED talk
  • Read a blog article, whitepaper or report 
  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Complete an e-learning module
  • Create a reading list and have a selection to hand whether it be books, magazines or trade journals
  • Talk to a colleague about what you’ve learnt

With just 15 minutes a day it doesn’t appear much at first however over time the accumulative effect on your knowledge, skills and behaviour will be significant. The important thing to remember is that learning can take place anytime, anywhere and there are so many different ways to learn especially with the increase of online learning over the last year – choose what works for you to make habits stick and become lifelong learners.




The challenges facing todays L&D professionals

I spoke with Kim Edwards on Learning Now about the results of our latest survey to find out about the top challenges facing today’s L&D professionals.

Learning Now Tv is a great tv channel for all learning and performance professionals, with fresh monthly content designed to help all of us improve.  It’s worth registering at

Mid-Sized Businesses Failing to Adopt New Approaches to Learning

Latest research from Towards Maturity reveals that mid-sized businesses are failing to capitalise on the benefits of learning technologies, but brings hope by identifying opportunities for success within these organisations.

Towards Maturity’s latest Sector Benchmark Report, Modernising Learning in Mid-Sized Businesses, launched today, shows that just 40% of mid-sized businesses (MSBs) are delivering learning solutions in time to meet the needs of the business. Only 10% understand and can demonstrate the value of learning in their organisation.

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Tips for choosing an external training provider


Anyone who has ever been involved in selecting training providers will know that it can be a stressful and confusing task.  How do you know that you have the best option from the thousands of training providers out there?  Are they going to deliver great training and offer the best value for you and your company?

We have put together 5 top tips for you to consider when making any selections based on how we select training providers and trainers.    We aim to only work with the best and the below ensures that we weed out the weak. Continue reading “Tips for choosing an external training provider”

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Scheduled Training


To follow on from our blog looking at the pros and cons of in-house training as well as eLearning – here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of public scheduled courses. Hopefully by reading them both you can get a good balanced view of the facts and apply them to your situation in order to make the best decision for you and your company.
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of In-House Training – An Update


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Action Learning Set – My Experience

I had the pleasure of being invited to an existing Action Learning Set yesterday to experience and understand more about what is involved.

An Action Learning Set is:

a group of peers who meet together to create an environment which enables them to present issues, gain a new perspective on them, explore options and plan for action”

“A challenge and support group”

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of In-House Training

We’ve noticed an increase in demand from our clients to organise In-house or Onsite training in a wide range of topics including Management Programmes, Sales Training, Health & Safety and more so we thought we’d highlight some of the advantages and benefits.

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Reinforcing Learning in the Workplace

Following on from my article about remembering to remember learning I want to take you on a journey to ABC Company Ltd based in Couldbeanywhere, that town famous for the guy that won the Cheese Rolling in 1997 & 1998.

Let’s continue on to ABC Company. They produce widgets and provide services to business. Sounds familiar I bet. Well let’s go to the 2nd floor where all the offices are.

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Unlocking Potential – Towards Maturity’s 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report

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