Digital learning

  • As part of your L&D offering

It can be challenging and overwhelming to assess which tools, platforms and content are the right fit for your company, especially if this method of learning delivery is new to you. 

Digital learning simplified

As a leading Managed Learning Service provider we have extensive knowledge and a full understanding of current digital learning approaches in order to help develop your digital learning strategies and compare the market of digital learning providers for you. Digital learning approaches include:

Virtual classroom training

Different from standard e-learning in that virtual learning runs in real time featuring a trainer who is delivering the session remotely. This can be as simple as creating excellent learning webinars or something more technical.

“I was impressed with the virtual training I received recently.  I was a bit apprehensive as I always prefer classroom training so I’m pleased with the outcome”

Off the shelf e-learning

This type of learning is beneficial if you are looking for e-learning which already exists to provide to your company immediately.  These e-learning providers will either add to your LMS (Learning Management System) using SCORM or Tin Can or they will provide their own platform. Very popular for compliance and mandatory training, as well as for companies with more limited budgets.

From physical to digital training

Transferring your existing internal classroom training into an e-learning solution. Ideal when looking to create a blended learning approach. This is becoming increasingly important as working from home becomes more popular.

Our providers cover a broad range of business subjects including Management, Remote Working, Wellbeing,  IT and more. 

Bespoke e-learning

Also known as customer or tailored e-learning. Suppliers will build a custom piece of e-learning for the client in the style and fit that they want.

Video learning

An excellent way of providing scenarios which grabs and keeps attention.  There is a wide mix – from office type scenarios through to providers offering short 2-3 minute videos.  Covering a full range of subjects including Microsoft Office,  Management,  Wellbeing and more. 

Content Curation

If you have an LMS and want additional content we can help. We work with excellent suppliers who will compliment your existing e-learning portfolio. Additionally, use our service to provide regular and relevant information for your employees. 

LMS and learning platforms

We will work with you to understand your precise requirements, specify the best solution, and help you identify the best LMS and learning platforms which will improve the way learning is managed within your company.

Digital learning strategy

Whatever stage you need help with – strategic conversations, creation, review and execution – we will ensure your digital learning approach works for you company’s learning needs. 

“Optimus helped me polish our digital learning strategy so that we were focused on what our employees would benefit from.  Then they helped identify suitable third party digital learning providers.  Thank you, Optimus!” – Jon, Payment Services

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR has risen in popularity in recent years, especially in the gaming sector where it’s now mainstream method.  

So what does this mean for L&D?  This is the big question.

Knowing when to use VR for learning,  measuring effectiveness and a lack of knowledge are holding back VR implementation.  Working with a selected number of VR and AR specialists, we can advise you on how to make the most of it and really impress your organisation with such innovative learning.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is not a new concept.  It’s only now that the technological capability to practically support the theory exists.  Data mining and learning analytics make it easier than ever to mine learning activity.  Our learning technology consultants will help you unlock these insights and understand how your learners are behaving

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