Training sourcing

  • Sourcing training for you

Need help searching for training?

Our Source package provides training sourcing, booking and event management services.

We search the training marketplace for you, providing expert and impartial advice when selecting trainers from over 1500 quality-approved training suppliers. Our extensive knowledge of the marketplace enables us to recommend relevant training options and with our commercial purchasing power we secure the best value pricing for your training requirements.

Saving you precious time

We know that finding training suppliers you can trust to deliver great training is time-consuming and challenging. Background research, financial checks, due diligence, shortlisting, being bombarded by pushy follow ups – it takes up your valuable time. Work with us as your training sourcing partner and use your time more productively – showcasing your expertise, working on strategy and being a true business partner.

We are more than just training brokers: we can also free your time from all your training administration. With us you can also consolidate your invoicing, receiving just one monthly invoice for all your L&D spend.

Access to quality approved training providers

We have access to an excellent and wide-ranging pool of training providers who offer a blend of learning solutions including face to face, in-house training, digital learning and e-learning.

Our training providers deliver training in a wide range of subject areas including personal development, leadership and management, IT and health and safety. Our thorough evaluation and selection process ensures we only select the best providers so that each training experience provides the best learning outcomes.

Working either with your L&D team or directly with the business our focus is the same – high quality training solutions that deliver true value, impact and performance.

Lowering the cost of your L&D

Typically, clients using our training sourcing services save between 16-18% on the cost of their training compared to what they have paid directly.

What’s included in our Source package?

Have a look below at what our training sourcing package offers you: