Training sourcing

  • Sourcing training for you

Struggling to find training?

Our Source package simplifies training sourcing, booking, and event management.

We handle the grunt work by combing through the training marketplace and tapping into our expertise to select trainers from over 1500 quality-approved training suppliers. With our deep market knowledge, we offer expert and impartial advice, ensuring you access the most relevant training options at the best prices, thanks to our purchasing power.

Save time

Finding reliable training suppliers can be a chore, eating into your precious time with tasks like background checks and dealing with follow-ups. Partner with us as your training sourcing ally and use your time more effectively – focusing on your expertise, strategy, and being a true business partner.

More than just brokers

We don’t stop at sourcing training – we also handle all your training administration needs. With us, you can streamline your invoicing, receiving just one monthly invoice for all your L&D expenses.

Access quality providers

Our vast network includes top training providers offering various learning solutions, from face-to-face to digital learning. Covering all training areas like personal development, leadership, IT, and health and safety, each provider goes through rigorous evaluation to ensure the best learning outcomes.

Partnering for success

Whether working with your L&D team or directly with your business, our focus remains on delivering high-quality training solutions that add real value.

Reduce L&D costs

Clients using our training sourcing services typically save between 16-18% on training costs compared to direct payments.

If you need support with reporting too take a look at our Optimus Manage package.

What’s included in our Source package?

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