Managed learning services

  • Managing your L&D operations for you

Streamlining your learning and development efforts

A managed learning service involves an external expert handling the procurement and oversight of training programmes on behalf of a client organisation.

The appeal of managed training services is on the rise due to tighter training budgets, limited resources, and the increasing pressure on L&D departments to consistently enhance the quality of their learning initiatives. Additionally, they assist L&D teams in navigating changes in work practices, such as remote work, and shifts in training delivery technologies.

Managed learning services offer a valuable solution for L&D departments seeking to streamline processes and ensure that all training programmes are of high quality and offer good value for money.

Optimus Manage – the full managed learning services package

Our Optimus Manage package is tailored for established L&D departments aiming for greater efficiency. With this package, you’ll receive assistance with:

  • Sourcing learning and training
  • Administration of learning and training
  • Managing suppliers and vendors
  • Evaluating learning programmes
  • Managing curriculum and learning paths
  • Providing management information

Our managed learning services empower you to focus on advancing your organisation through L&D initiatives. The management information and analysis provided by our service enable you to make informed strategic decisions regarding your organisation’s learning and development efforts.

Significant cost savings without compromising quality

Optimus Manage is appreciated for its remarkable cost-saving benefits. Clients typically enjoy savings ranging from 16% to 25%, all while maintaining high-quality training offerings.

What’s included in our Manage package?

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