Managed learning services

  • Managing your L&D operations for you

What is a managed learning service?

Managed learning services (or Managed training services) is when an external specialist procures and manages training on behalf of a client organisation.

The popularity of managed training services is rising as a result of leaner training budgets, reduced resources and the challenges on L&D to continually improve the quality of their learning.  They also help L&D departments manage changes in the way people work, such as working from home, and changes to the technology used to deliver training.

Managed learning services are an ideal solution for L&D departments looking for an additional resource, to streamline their processes, and to ensure all training is top quality and good value for money.

Optimus Manage – our managed learning services package

Our Optimus Manage support package is the ideal managed training solution for established L&D departments keen to work even more efficiently. As part of this package you will receive support with:

  • Sourcing learning & training
  • Learning & training administration
  • Supplier & vendor management
  • Learning evaluation management
  • Curriculum & learning path management
  • Management information

Our managed learning services enables you to focus on making your L&D move your organisation forward.  The management information and analysis our service provides enables you to make the best strategic decisions for your organisation’s L&D.

Significant cost savings, with no reduction in quality

Purchasing departments value Optimus Manage because of the incredible cost savings that it offers. Clients benefit from savings of between 16% and 25%, with no reduction in quality.

What’s included in our Manage package?

Learn more about the different service features your organisation will benefit from.