Our ESG plan

  • Environmental, social & governance targets

In today’s dynamic business landscape, ESG considerations are paramount. As a provider of educational services, Optimus Learning Services recognises our responsibility to lead by example and foster positive change through our actions. Here our just some of the items included in our current ESG plan:

Carbon footprint reduction

Target to be carbon neutral by end of 2025, our 2024 goals include:

  • Establish base line energy consumption statistics and carbon emissions score
  • Target of 80% of all waste recycled
  • Introduce cycle to work scheme
  • Cascade with supply chain and achieve minimum target of 25% of suppliers have ESG policy
  • Switch to renewable energy suppliers
  • Implement participation with sustainable tree planting scheme

Waste management & water conservation

  • Achieve a 50% reduction in office waste by promoting recycling and minimising single-use plastics.
  • Implement water-saving fixtures and practices

Diversity and inclusion

  • Continue with our diversity and inclusion approach to ensure equal opportunities for all employees, irrespective of gender, race, or background.

Community engagement

  • Continue to engage in quarterly volunteering activities in the Sawbridgeworth community, focusing on education and skills development.

Employee well-being

  • Continue with flexible working arrangements incorporating hybrid working, working around childcare, and ensuring employees have the freedom to work where they are happiest. Provide free gym membership to all employees.

Supply chain responsibility

  • In 2024 conduct research on top 25% strategic suppliers regarding their approach to using ESG, fair working practices and ethical sourcing.

Governance and ethics

  • Maintain a diverse and experienced board of directors that oversees the company’s adherence to ESG principles.
  • Uphold a strong code of conduct, emphasizing ethical behaviour, transparency, and anti-corruption measures.