Please take a look at our frequently asked questions for our learning support services, managed learning services and L&D consultancy.

If you have any other questions then please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them.


What training areas can you source?

Our training and learning sourcing service covers all business requirements including but not limited to the following training areas:

  • Personal development

  • Management & leadership

  • IT technical

  • IT applications

  • Project management

  • ITIL

  • Health & safety

  • Languages

  • HR / L&D

What learning formats can you source?

We can source external public scheduled training courses, provide trainers for in-house training and e-learning for ad-hoc and company-wide requirements. This can be for individuals, teams or company programmes.

We’ll support you to create the blended learning programmes and solutions you require to complement any internal offering, as well as self-directed learning options.

What geographic areas do you cover?

Our main geographic area is the whole of the UK. However, we do have a wider network which involves mainland Europe, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

Are you vendor neutral?

Yes we are. You can be sure that when we offer you a training solution we have searched and sourced from an extensive range of suppliers we know and trust to offer you the most suitable solution for your learning needs.

Do Optimus Learning services provide training themselves?

No.  We source training from third party providers, independent trainers and coaches. This means we are vendor neutral so you can be sure that any training we recommended has been selected from an extensive range of suppliers and is the best solution for your needs.

How do you achieve such great rates

We have years of experience and understand the suppliers pricing strategies.  We use our great buying power to negotiate specially discounted rates with suppliers.


How much control do I retain over the Learning and Development function?

We aim to support your L&D function and activities rather than act as a substitute for them, meaning you will enjoy all the advantages of our service whilst retaining full control.

Using our managed learning services ensures that you can manage the L&D function and offering strategically.

Can you work with our existing LMS?

Yes, we can work with your LMS and any other software or systems that you use. You’ll set your Optimus customer care team up with the correct access, typically administrator level. We’ll also help you use the LMS functionality to its full capacity.

How do you monitor the quality of third party suppliers?

We have our own internal supplier management process which we use from initial selection and then carry out regular reviews to ensure consistent quality of service. Rest assured we only recommend learning solutions from training providers that have successfully completed this process and that are going to make a difference.

What reporting can you provide?

Clients who use our managed learning services will receive a range of reporting information and metrics to shape L&D strategy. This includes our management information dashboard, effectiveness reports, feedback analysis as well as data such as training records and monthly bookings.

Are we restricted to the level of administration work you provide to us?

When using the full managed learning service, you will be charged a service fee for the level of administration required. This is dependent on the number of events that require managing over a fixed period of time, usually a year. You’ll receive a service level that has been pre-agreed and includes all of the administration work we’ll cover for you. Should your requirements change at any time then we are able to revise our service level agreement.

Can you offer support in our offices?

Typically, we provide the managed learning services from the comfort of our own offices, however where there is the additional benefit from having a physical presence in your office then our customer care team would do this, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

How do procurement send you a request for a proposal (RFP)?

Please email all these requests for managed learning services to RFP@optimuslearningservices.com where a member of the commercial team will respond accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you.


What information do you need from us to select a consultant?

We need to establish a full understanding of your requirement, what you are looking to achieve and the critical success factors. This will ensure that we can recommend consultants who will definitely help you to achieve the change you require.

How do ensure you choose the right consultant for my needs?

After gathering a full understanding of your needs you’ll work with your account manager who will present you with at least three options including information on background and rates. At this point we recommend an initial phone call followed by face to face meetings and any further communication to allow you to make a decision which is right for you.

What selection criteria is used when choosing consultants as suppliers?

We have a selection and review process in a similar way to selecting our training and learning providers. In addition to their individual areas of expertise we require our consultants to have the right blend of communication and project management skills, history of success and personality to suit your organisational culture. Several of our consultants are recognised as L&D thought leaders.

Is there a minimum period of time working with a consultant?

Typically, our consultants will work with clients over a period of time so there isn’t a minimum contract length. The period of time is set by yourself and once the consultant has delivered against your expectations the working arrangement will come to an end. Of course new contracts can be arranged at this point if required.

Will you use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Of course. We will always recommend a NDA prior to any project commencing in order to ensure your data and intellectual property are protected. We can provide a NDA or use your organisation’s documentation.

How quickly can you begin a project?

The speed in which we can provide you with a consultant will depend on the project and expertise required, however with such a wide range of consultants to hand we will aim to meet your timescales wherever possible. Requirements which are specialised or need a specific consultant may take longer to set up however we will advise you of this when discussing your initial requirement.

Where are your consultants located?

The pool of consultants we currently work with are spread across the UK, Europe and Middle East and North Africa. We work with delivery partners throughout the globe who can fulfil all of the requirements large organisations typically have.