Why choose us

  • About us and our happy clients

We provide independent L&D support through our expert training outsourcing and managed learning services, tailored to suit your organisation’s unique L&D needs.

Find out more about why we do what we do and the values we stand by.

Our vision

To empower companies with our expertise in learning services, working in partnership to:

  • lighten your operational load for L&D and simplify processes
  • drive innovation with quality learning solutions
  • achieve greater people performance
  • maximise your training budgets effectively

Our values

We work together with you to achieve L&D excellence. Our core values are:

Teamwork – working together to create strong partnerships and long-lasting working relationships.

Quality – in all our services and our commitment to customer satisfaction, including the quality delivered by our approved training providers.

Passion – for people and for helping L&D departments shine. For encouraging lifelong learning in all employees including those within our own company.

Simplicity – simplifying processes and workflows, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and making L&D operations work more efficiently for you.

Integrity – in who we are and how we operate. We aim to do the right thing at the right time, all of the time.

Communication – open and honest communication as part of our commitment to creating long-lasting partnerships.

Consider us your extended L&D team

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