Powered by people & platform

  • Your own learning portal

In addition to a dedicated client team, the service you’ll receive is powered by our web-based learning portal, serving as a centralised hub for all your training management. 

This platform will offer a user-friendly interface, allowing users to access a comprehensive training catalogue. Your learning portal can include:

  • mandatory training
  • non-mandatory offerings
  • public, onsite and online learning
  • certification expiry tracking
  • training records database

Bespoke branding

The portal and all communications from the portal can be branded according to your needs. It is web-based so links can be added to internal sites so your employees, if you wish, would be redirected to the portal with no requirement to go into separate systems.

Training catalogue

Our catalogue will feature the agreed-upon list of available training modules. Training methods offered on the platform will include:

  • in-company courses
  • public courses
  • e-learning courses

Skills mapping and job roles

The portal can be used simply as a catalogue of courses. However, it is much more powerful when it is customised using job roles, allowing skills and course mapping against job roles. This will prove invaluable to help progression and provide a clear pathway of development for employees with aspirations for promotion and self-development.

Online registration

Users and managers can request training through the portal, and approvals will be within pre-defined cost parameters. This streamlined process will enhance efficiency while maintaining budget control.
A decision on the access e.g., employees or line managers can be taken upon further demonstration of the platform.

Employee communications

The portal provides automation of communications for courses including booking confirmation, joining instructions, calendar invites, reminders and post training evaluations and reminders.
For bookings with external training providers, we will track that the employees receive all the required information. If we know that providers will share information directly, for example when there is a log-in portal, we will inform the employee(s) this will happen.