A good day spent at World of Learning London Summit 30-31 Jan 2024

WOL24 now in it’s second year in London sits alongside World of Learning’s original event held annually in Birmingham every October. You may have seen us there in 2023.

Being a smaller event is was possible to get round and learn a little more easily during the day:

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The benefits of training outsourcing for your business

Training outsourcing, also known as learning or training business process outsourcing (BPO) or managed learning services.

Training outsourcing involves hiring external organisations to manage and deliver training programmes for your employees. There are several reasons why businesses choose to outsource their training activities:

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Recruitment, training and cybersecurity in the AI age

This guest blog post is written by one of our approved companies for cybersecurity training.  

AI in the HR and L&D world

Artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes are hot topics for employees in all industries, not least for recruitment and training professionals.

As it develops, AI is changing the future of HR, allowing professionals to streamline work processes and supporting decision-making processes. At the same time, employee training is benefitting from the AI revolution, with L&D teams harnessing its powers to create engaging, personalised training programmes and to analyse the effectiveness of existing training.

But what about the dangers of AI for HR and L&D teams? In particular, how can AI and deepfakes be leveraged by cybercriminals to manipulate HR processes, and how can we defend ourselves against them?

Deepfake job candidates

In July 2022, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released an advisory warning of a new social engineering technique in which fraudsters are using fake identities to steal company data[1].

Seems pretty standard, I hear you say – what’s new about this?

Well, while identity theft has been around for as long as you can remember, the difference here is that the fraudsters are using deepfake technology to misrepresent themselves in employment interviews. Their aim is to successfully navigate the recruitment process to commit cyber attacks.

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Are you tracking your compliance training?

Compliance training is crucial for organisations to ensure that their employees understand and adhere to legal, regulatory, and ethical standards relevant to their industry.

Tracking compliance training offers several benefits that contribute to maintaining a compliant and ethical workplace environment:
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Why use managed learning services to procure training?

Managed learning services involve outsourcing the management of an organisation’s learning and training programmes to a third-party provider.

A procurement manager might be interested in managed learning services for a variety of reasons, as these services can bring significant benefits to their organisation’s learning and development initiatives.

Here are some reasons why a procurement manager might find these services appealing:
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Proactive vs Reactive Learning and Development

In some organisations L&D is reactive. It’s driven by team members or their managers requesting training. The L&D team facilitates this, making sure it fits the organisation’s standards and budget.

In others L&D is proactive. The L&D team actively seeks and plans for areas where training can add value to the organisation. They take a strategic approach to identifying and addressing organisational needs before they become problematic. They focus on identifying future needs and preparing employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet those needs.

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