A good day spent at World of Learning London Summit 30-31 Jan 2024

World of Learning Summit in London

WOL24 now in it’s second year in London sits alongside World of Learning’s original event held annually in Birmingham every October. You may have seen us there in 2023.

Being a smaller event is was possible to get round and learn a little more easily during the day:

Keeping on top of tech

It seemed LMS providers were there in force providing options for the L&D professional. AI was of course on the agenda but not with all the craziness that 2023 saw. Chatting with the L&D community it was clear that simple AI such as ChatGPT is an enhancer right now for everyday use,  other AI development is coming which could well rock the L&D industry but how quickly it comes is uncertain.

Meeting new providers

At the opposite end of AI, there was a theme of ensuring we continue to develop people, especially managers. There were some new companies on the market, with coaching and management solutions focused on highly practical and engaging learning techniques and approaches. As well as more traditional approaches. What is clear to us is the companies who have a management and leaderships offering do better than those who don’t.

We had an interesting chat also with a company that provides podcast learning in a format which can be hosted on an LMS – useful for those staff unable to easily access visual content and with more analysis opportunities than just letting people access content from Spotify or Audible for example.

It’s all about the network

Finally, the joy in these events is the face to face conversations with the network, bumping into connections and getting insights into the industry – from both vendors and buyers.

Thank you to World of Learning for bringing us the opportunity for this learning and enabling conversations with the L&D community – we look forward to the Conference and Exhibition later in the year!