Talking mental health this men’s health week

Supporting your employees with mental health awareness and wellbeing at work learning programmes is essential to nurture and develop your teams in the workplace.

With recent campaigns and initiatives for companies too including mental health awareness week in May, wellbeing a major theme for the CIPD festival of work and this week brings men’s health week we thought important to share real life stories with the aim of supporting each other in this area.

This week’s blog is written by one of our lovely team members, sharing their experiences in relation to mental health. Continue reading “Talking mental health this men’s health week”

Working in L&D? What you are doing is enough…

I’m concerned for the L&D industry, or to be more specific the peoople who work in L&D – the L&Ders.

There is a constant message within the industry that whatever one is doing for a company, it isn’t good enough.  That they should have super duper tech in place, automation, a team of robots, endless content or non endless content, AI, a place on the board aka a seat on the table, strategic genius and operational execution beyond compare. I read articles, watch videos, join in webinars and debates and its endless. It promotes the message – what you are doing is not good enough.

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Learning at Work Week 2022

Great to be talking as a team about our own learning this Learning at Work Week!  

Whilst we spend our time finding, booking and managing our client’s training, we stand by the importance of continuous learning for our own employees too.

This week is a great opportunity for companies to take a moment and review their learning activities, encouraging continuous learning for all.

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Our learning from Learning Technologies 2022

It was a welcome return to one of the main events of the L&D calendar with Learning Technologies 2022.

It was so good to be back at a face-to-face event and we were immediately hit with the sheer scale and size of it as we arrived – bright lights, large stands, powerful colours and of course sweets galore! So, what did we learn… Continue reading “Our learning from Learning Technologies 2022”

We’re Cyber Essentials certified

Did you know that we are certified by the National Cyber Security Centre?

We’re proud to be Cyber Essentials certified, a Government backed scheme that helps protect organisations against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

Holding this certification provides peace of mind as an organisation and reassurance to our clients that we have cyber security measures in place to secure our IT against cyber attacks.

Cyber essentials allows us to understand our cyber security level, guarding us against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate our commitment to cyber security to all those that work with us.

Find out more about cyber security training we can offer also.


New look, same expert L&D and Managed Learning Services support team


We’ve had a little freshen up as we celebrate 12 successful years, providing Managed Learning Services to support companies with their L&D solutions, operations, and processes.

Our new look retains strong elements from our previous logo whilst using more vibrant colours and engaging ways to display our Optimus logo as we look to the future.

Watch this space as we continue to grow the team, refine our services and look at how we further improve our sustainability efforts over the next 12 months.

We hope you like our new look!