Time to reflect and look ahead for your L&D

Time to reflect and look ahead

Now is the perfect time to review your L&D for the year and look ahead to your 2024 plans. Whilst chatting with our MD Blake Henegan, here are some themes that have appeared prominent to us throughout 2023:

  • AI has been the narrative yet its still in its innovation stage, HR are still wrestling with how it works from a practical perspective
  • Conversely we have seen an increase in face to face training as COVID concerns finally lessened
  • Virtual training delivery still very much the leader and appears to be much more awareness of the balance of virtual training + face to face + digital learning

Here’s our review with gratitude to all our clients, suppliers and employees

  • We’ve supported over 1500 delegates with their L&D across 3o of our clients
  • We’ve successfully managed over 500 courses with the help of nearly 300 suppliers
  • We’ve given back over one year of valuable time to each of our clients

Learning programmes managed have included:

  • Compliance video creation and translation into over 15 languages
  • FCA regulation e-learning procurement
  • Over 50 different compliance subjects booked including Gas bottle safety, Face Fit, Electric tow truck, Breakaway, Slinger banksman, PASMA as well as First Aid at Work.

Training subject trends this year:

  • Cyber security fundamentals
  • Presentation skills especially around using data and storytelling
  • Risk management is growing with 60% of our customers covering this topic
  • Excel remains the in demand tool to use – no surprise considering data analysis was one of our top 20 topics
  • Burnout awareness for managers was a new entrant

Speaking to the L&D industry this year

We were extremely grateful to exhibit at World of Learning in Birmingham in October this year, meet so many people and listen to the great work they do in L&D. We chatted about the role of AI in L&D. It’s certainly been a great additional resource to use and we know it’s helping companies and trainers improve what they do too.  However, it definately seems its very much still in innovation stage as a straw poll we conducted at World of Learning told us that people hadn’t used it nor hadn’t heard of it in some occasions.

Furthermore, our clients have on several occasions this year given us more reason to believe that after a few years of learning on Teams and Zoom,  there has been an increase in face to face training delivery from previous years. “I’ve had enough of screens” said one client of ours as she requested training a trainer to deliver at their company.

Finally from the conversations we’ve had with companies, there is a growing need now more than ever for better control of training spend and supplier management.  This is seen more so at the tail-end spend where there’s less spend but with more suppliers being used, many for one off niche training – the 80/20 Pareto Principle definitely applies here.

And into 2024, whats in store? 

We are aiming for another growth year,  increasing our Managed learning services partnership with companies, focusing on companies who seek help with inefficient or non-existent processes for purchasing external training. Technology is going to be a large part of our world as we continually improve our systems and look at ways to be more efficient – AI will be a part of this for sure, but ensuring we use systems and people to work together.  We have a training needs analysis programme due to start in early 2024 for an exciting new partnership and we’ll be celebrating our 15th year in business…phew!

For the L&D industry we cannot see beyond AI as the key narrative. Technology is certain to be the future of the industry however its a long way from replacing the L&D function and other jobs.

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