PRINCE2 training 2017 Update

PRINCE2 training by Axelos

PRINCE2 training is one of the most popular training subjects we source and manage on behalf of our clients.

PRINCE2 is firmly established as the world’s most practised method for project management and is globally recognised for delivering successful projects.

Mid-2017 marks the arrival of the updated PRINCE2 guidance (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2) and new Foundation and Practitioner examinations. Together, these form the PRINCE2 2017 update and represent the first major update to PRINCE2 since 2009.

The new Foundation and Practitioner exams are available from 10 July 2017. This new version of PRINCE2 affirms the method’s established approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes.

The main changes to the guidance are characterised by an emphasis on:

  • tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organisations and project environments;
  • the principles that underpin PRINCE2;
  • clarifying the link between the themes and principles;
  • the restructuring of the ‘Themes’ guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring;
  • the practical application of the method and guidance, with numerous examples, hints and tips;
  • maintaining your certification through PRINCE2 Membership.

PRINCE2 has always been grounded in real life-experience. The PRINCE2 2017 Update, which consolidates a wealth of knowledge gained in the workplace, can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project in today’s environment.

What does it mean for me? 

Practitioners holding a current certificate will not be required to recertify to the 2017 version, although we would highly recommend that they familiarise themselves with the new material.

For anyone who is looking for PRINCE2 training bear in mind that the Foundation and Practitioner exams have changed. All of the old Foundation and Practitioner exams will be phased out by the end of 2017.

AXELOS have put together a handy PRINCE2 2017 Update video.

What impact does it have on PRINCE2 training?

If you are undertaking training as part of your exam preparation it is important to make sure it is with an AXELOS accredited training provider. The advantage of training is that the Accredited Training Organization (ATO) is able to support individuals and provide any necessary clarification of the guidance including relevant industry examples.

All of the PRINCE2 training providers we use are accredited AXELOS PRINCE2 training providers.

To find out more about PRINCE2 2017 training we can help with or for any project management training needs you may have; drop us an email at or give us a call on 0845 519 7408.