In-house training increasing in demand

We’ve seen a significant increase in demand from our clients for trainers to deliver in-house training and workshops.

All business training subjects can be delivered in-house whether virtual or face-to-face. We asked our clients why they chose in-house training workshops and their responses are below, plus some of our own thoughts too!

Develop team and department capability

To avoid having one person as the font of knowledge, companies are looking at developing teams capability.

“We are adopting ITIL as our IT Service Management methodology. We need to ensure the team has a common understanding of how we use it.”

Bespoke content is better than generic 

In-house training allows for the trainer to adapt their content to better suit your individual organisation.

“It’s much better when our employees are able to discuss our internal workings,  and use actual work examples within the sessions. This has been really useful when we ran the session for our salespeople to understand the nuances of our financial management.” 

Using the budgets better

The cost of sending an individual on a public course is relatively high compared to running in-house sessions. By bringing a trainer to deliver workshops internally the cost per person reduces significantly.

” We were sending individuals onto management programmes costing us a substantial amount of money. When Optimus helped us to replicate the workshop and run it in-house (using one of their approved trainers) the cost per head went down considerably.”

When e-learning isn’t working 

Giving people e-learning and non-workshop content as a standalone solution doesn’t always work. It’s too easy sometimes for people to put off e-learning, prioritising business activities ahead of time spent on learning. Some employees also missed the social interaction and discussion opportunity that workshops bring.

“Our employees said they felt they weren’t able to step away from work when trying to engage with our e-learning. Providing a dedicated learning space helped but they said they missed the group workshops. They missed meeting other people in the business they wouldn’t normally meet or have access to. We re-introduced workshops to achieve this and encourage greater cross-company working.”

Would in-house training workshops help your employees learn better? 

If you need expert in-house trainers to run engaging and practical workshops contact us and we’ll recommend suitable ones for you.

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