Reducing L&D overwhelm – the Ignite Presentation

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” I wonder if you would like to deliver an Ignite presentation at the L&D Show in May?” asked Giorgia Gamba, Content Manager from CIPD back in April.  I checked the date, it was April 4th.  Too late for April fools so this was genuine.

I’d never delivered an Ignite Presentation nor had I spoken in public at an event like this.

So ignoring the voice of doubt I said yes.


When Giorgia said I could talk about whatever topic I wanted two sprang to mind.  The skills shortage or reducing the overwhelm that L&D currently face.

I chose the latter.  L&D have so much change happening now feelings of overwhelm lead to stress, reduced creativity and turn opportunities into challenges.

I hate seeing great L&D professionals stifled (its one of the reason I launched the business in the first place) and as a business owner, I can relate to overwhelm.   I’ve spent the past few years developing habits,  making time for myself and doing what I can to stay focused.

Humbled I found out I was sharing the stage with some amazing L&D minds – Andrew Jacobs, Niall Gavin, Sukh Pabial, Marco Faccini, Krystyna Gadd, Amanda Arrowsmith, Phil Wilcox and Julie Drybrough.

Nerves.  Pre-event nerves.  Overcome by collective encouragement and support.  Not one of us ran, despite several jokes about it.

My turn.   Remember to breathe. Deep breaths, good breaths.  Positive affirmations.

Watch the video and judge for yourself


An exhilarating experience.  The 5 minutes flew by.  I covered all of the content I had prepared and the feedback was positive.

So the lessons I learnt are to say yes to things,  recognise that others feel the way you feel, and preparation is always going to overcome nerves.