The top 3 things to do at the CIPD Learning & Development 2017 show.

CIPD Learning & Development 2017 show

The CIPD Learning & Development 2017 show has a plethora of speakers, L&D suppliers and learning sessions. The CIPD predicts that over 3,500 L&D professionals will all be under one roof.

Like with all events of this scale is challenging to fit everything you want to see in. There are times when I wish there was 4 of me. I’m sure you feel the same.

At times like this, it can be easy to swept away in the scale of the event, losing track of why you came and your agenda going astray.

I’m writing this on the assumption that you have already planned your activity for the time you are there.

But have you planned time for a meeting with the most important supplier at the show?


You should do.

Who is it?

It’s you! 

Yes, you. You are attending to achieve something, this might help drive your strategy, to raise your profile, meet new people, meet existing contacts or invest in your learning and CPD.

So my advice is this – take time out on a regular basis throughout the day to meet with yourself.

Block time out to allow you to have a break, absorb, digest and reflect on what you’ve heard and seen.

Do this throughout the day and you’ll notice your energy levels will be higher, avoiding that drained feeling you can get at the end of events.

Don’t be afraid of not having a conversation when grabbing a drink or something to eat.

You may even want to consider “Pranayama Meditation” – a quick and easy technique to calm your mind.

But do not miss the CIPD Leaders in Learning Ignite Lab

The CIPD Leaders In Learning Network brings you 9 Ignite presentations on Wednesday 10th at 4.45pm at the Digital Learning stage.

The Ignite format is simple –  each speaker has 5 minutes 5 minutes per speaker, 20 slides which automatically forward on after 15 seconds. The focus is to inspire and share practical L&D insights for people to take away and help them within their role.

I am honoured to be one of the 9 selected by CIPD for this session I’ve gone with a topic that I believe is a barrier to L&D productivity and that is, overwhelm in the workplace. I’ve also experienced the same feelings of overwhelm and have invested considerable time and effort in learning how to overcome them. Will it be useful?  I believe so. How will it go? Only time will tell. All I hope is that if each person takes away one thing which helps them then it would be a worthwhile investment of their time.

There are 9 of us speaking – see the full list on Twitter. For most of us, myself included, it’s our first time of delivering a presentation in this format.

Please come along and have a listen, I’m confident you’ll hear some interesting L&D insights.

And take advantage of free L&D consultations at the show

Finally, if you do need time to chat through your current L&D issues, I am pleased to be offering 4 x 45 minutes free L&D consultation slots at the CIPD Learning & Development show on Wed 10th May.

I’ll be happy to discuss any L&D problems or challenges you are currently facing and pass on thoughts and advice drawn from my experience within the industry.

If you’d like to book one of the sessions please send me an email.

Hopefully I’ll see you at the CIPD Learning & Development 2017 show.