Excel training for employees to improve their skills

Excel training

Excel training has always been popular, however in the past few months we’ve seen a huge increase in demand.  Its the most popular Microsoft Office application topic that we arrange training for. 

With the need for better data analysis rising and having employees with transferable skills could now be the time for your employees to improve their Excel skills?

Range of modules 

When looking at Excel training we always recommend to focus on the areas your employees need now and some that they will need in the future.  That way all excel training will be relevant and useable.

Therefore we recommend running modular sessions,  shorter in length and looking at those areas or ways of using that matter to your company. 

Some recent excel training modules and sessions include: 

  • Excel for finance management
  • Data modelling using Excel
  • Introduction to Excel formulas
  • VBA for Excel

Range of training formats

Excel is a great tool and is easy to start learning as all you need is the relevant software on your computer.  

Improve the use of your data analysis

Its a very powerful data analysis tool. Used by almost all companies, regardless of size, in their daily operations and it syncs with other systems too. 

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