What are the L&D trends for 2023?

L&D trends in 2023

What a year! Post-pandemic we’ve seen our clients first focus on updating their compliance training, adopt hybrid learning methods for good, review their company-wide training programmes whilst pushing forward with reskilling existing employees for new roles in response to ‘The Great Resignation.’

2022 – Reskill & Upskill

Looking back at industry renowned Donald Taylor’s Annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey for 2022 there was an obvious and unprecedented desire to reskill and upskill. There was a clear increase in votes for collaborative/social learning and for coaching/mentoring too. All of these results are clearly intrinsically linked to how L&D have had to respond to the pandemic working landscape with constant adaptation along the way.

What will be hot in workplace L&D in 2023?

Donald H Taylor is committed to helping develop the learning and development profession.

Having chaired the Learning and Performance Institute from 2010 to 2021, he is a recognised commentator and thinker in the fields of workplace learning and supporting technologies. We’d definitely recommend taking part in the L&D Global Sentiment Survey for 2023 – it will take just one minute of your time and the report will be published in February.

People first strategy

Edmonk Monk, CEO of the Learning Performance Institute cites the three critical skills required for learning professionals in 2023 who truly want to add value will be performance consultancy, marketing and mentoring. Learning needs to move away from a content-only strategy, to a people-first strategy, and this starts with investing in these key skills.

Your L&D strategy for 2023

From our point of view – engagement, communication and understanding data will also be crucial for L&D in 2023.

We’ll keep you updated with all the research, surveys and reports for the L&D trends for 2023. If you’d like a no obligation chat about your L&D challenges for next year too please do get in touch.

Season’s greetings and a happy new year to you all!