Pre-paid training credits

training credits

Working with a managed learning services partner can bring substantial financial benefits; lowering the overall cost of your learning, reducing external training cost and maximising the value of your training budgets.

But we all know that budgets are only safe once they’ve been spent but how can you be certain they won’t be cut?

Thankfully there is a solution to help protect your training budget through purchasing Optimus training credits.

With our training credits, you can safeguard your budget, ensuring that your plans for your employee’s learning and development can be implemented as planned.

The process is simple

Purchase training credits through Optimus Learning Services and then draw down against these credits whenever you need to.

You can use these against suppliers you already work with as well as with other suppliers that we can recommend to you when sourcing your training.

How does it work

  • One point of contact – simplify your purchasing when it comes to training – contact your nominated customer advisor who will handle the sourcing and bookings for you
  • One single invoice – no need to handle multiple invoices throughout the year
  • Up to 12 months usage – ensuring your budgets lasts longer
  • Improved pricing – consolidate your spend with our spend for better prices
  • Guaranteed quality – any training we organise is covered by our money back guarantee

So if you want to guarantee all your L&D plans can come to fruition and avoid budget cuts then get in touch today. Our client care team will be delighted to answer any questions you have and help you to give your employees the learning they deserve.

Purchase your pre-paid credits

For more information and to purchase your credits, call us on 0845 519 7408 or email