Learning technologies – An answer but whats the question?

In a few weeks time, thousands of people will descend on Excel London for Learning Technologies.

If you are going, what are you going for?

Consider what you are trying to achieve, the challenges you are overcoming and ask yourself what will help you do this?

If technology is one of the answers that’s great, but make sure it’s not the only answer.

Training a geographically spread audience – definitely look at how technology can help

Need to develop people on a low budget – good online learning can help

However, always consider that the introduction of technology into learning must be managed and communicated.   Do it slowly, get feedback.

Be mindful of the agendas pushed by vendors – it’s not a simple case of putting technology into your learning offering.   Or grabbing the latest technological solution.  Take time for reflection.

Don’t expect it to solve problems like employee engagement,  problem managers and so on without the human touch.

I’ll be going to challenge vendors on their “facts” but also with an open mind. To learn.

Good luck


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