Training your Staff? Good Managers develop their staff through learning

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A motivated team is a successful team – that’s not rocket science. Motivation, of course, can come from myriad sources, but (and I’m sure you won’t be surprised by this) in this blog we like to focus on learning, development and CPD (continued personal development). At Optimus Learning we are firm believers that businesses should install a learning ‘culture’ to develop their staff – ensuring they understand how to be successful in their current role and subsequently offering additional development tools to prepare them for their next position.

According to The Balance Careers improving your employees’ skillsets is the most rewarding thing most managers can do – and we have touched on this in our own blog in the past, about good learning habits.  What is clear is those employees who have on-going training in the workplace:

  • Are more motivated
  • Work more efficiently
  • Feel enthused
  • Display ‘loyalty’ to the business, and
  • Have increased productivity

If your employees are developing through training then soon there will be a ‘buzz’ amongst them. CPD is infectious and soon staff will be discussing which training they need next and what would be beneficial to the business. If you can create an atmosphere of enthusiasm among your employees and increase loyalty, staff retention and productivity through learning you’re well on the way to having a very successful company.


tips on improving your employees through learning

That said learning needs to be an on-going process.  A one-off training course can seem like a ‘token gesture’ or even ‘sticking plaster’, so some form of training strategy needs to be in place.  Learning and Development teams are fully experienced in this, but it can seem like a minefield for smaller companies who don’t have that resource.  This is where out-sourcing come in. A managed learning service (MLS) will help you find, book and manage courses in the most professional and cost-effective way – freeing up your time to work on your training strategies and other aspects of your busy role.

Using a managed learning services will increase your operational efficiency and reduce the cost of the training – clients who receive full managed learning services from Optimus Learning, for example, see reductions in costs of between 16% and 25%.

Managed learning services can save your Company hours of work and money by taking the strain of managing the training of your staff and utilising the skills of your L&D team to their best effect.

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