• Management of all L&D activity for greater L&D efficiency

Optimus Manage is the ideal managed learning services solution for those established L&D departments keen to work even more efficiently. Our full managed learning services will provide you with the support and trust that will ensure you can focus on making L&D within your organisation shine.

You’ll be working with an organisation who shares your passion for improving people performance, understands the challenges of L&D, that is dedicated to outstanding customer service and creating quality relationships throughout your organisation.

We’ll support you to work more strategically by providing you with management information and thorough analysis that you require in order to make the best strategic decisions for your organisation.

Purchasing departments love Optimus Manage too as they recognise the incredible cost savings that this managed learning services package offers.  Clients who receive our full managed learning services see reductions in learning costs of between 16% and 25%.

Learn more about the different elements and how you and your organisation will benefit.