Supplier & Vendor Management

Supplier management

For organizations that rely on external resources for learning, effective supplier management is crucial.  You look to your suppliers to work well with your people, enhance the reputation of L&D and ultimately change behaviour.  This means that managing those suppliers is time-consuming.   Our Managed Learning Services solution frees you to concentrate on the strategic aspects—such as design and delivery—while we handle supplier management and procurement for you.  Other benefits include:

  • Greater control and visibility over purchasing
  • Reduced administration overhead
  • Lower costs for learning of between 16% and 25%.

Greater control

One immediate advantage of our managed learning service is the enhanced control and insight you obtain over your organization’s learning purchases. This provides you with the data and insights necessary to shape your learning strategy, ensuring that the suppliers you engage genuinely enrich employee learning, development, and performance.

Reduced administration

Spend less time and administration of dealing with too many suppliers, invoices and paperwork – leaving your learning and development team to focus on the business needs.

Successful supplier management is crucial to the success of any L&D solution or programme. Our approach to supplier management focuses on:

  1. Performance measurement – tracking their performance against agreed targets and outcomes
  2. Supplier relationships – we place a large emphasis on communication and the human elements of supplier management which can often be overlooked.
  3. Supplier fit – your culture will be unique; we will ensure any suppliers are the best fit for your organisation to support your overall strategy.

Lowering your learning costs

It is important that organisations can extract the most value from their budget.  You’ll benefit from lower costs of learning without compromising on quality because of our commercial purchasing power, knowledge of the marketplace and negotiation expertise.

Clients who receive our full managed learning services see reductions in learning costs of between 16% and 25%.

Supplier rationalisation

Ideal for companies who either have a decentralised budget with departments purchasing their own training or are using multiple providers for the same topics or both.   Our managed learning service will help you drive costs down, improve efficiencies and the quality of training by reviewing your training spend activity across the company and consolidate the number of suppliers.  This will give you greater visibility of activity to help you with longer-term planning and budgeting.

Supplier reviews & evaluation

On your behalf, we will measure, analyse and manage the performance of all training suppliers involved in your organisation.  We can do this with your existing suppliers to check you are receiving the best options and carry our regular reviews with our range suppliers to drive continuous improvement.


We identify the best learning suppliers for your needs.  We carry out supplier comparison to ensure that your staff receive training from those suppliers who meet our strict criteria of quality, cost and training that delivers long-term performance improvement.

You’ll receive support from your managed learning services account manager to compare your own business processes and performance metrics to industry best practices.

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