Management information

The importance of management information

To fully understand where learning adds value and benefits performance requires analysis of activity, trends and spends.  Our Managed Learning Services provides you with this.

This management information can be used to help your L&D department operate with more efficiency, have a greater understanding and control of ad-hoc training activity, uncover additional learning needs and provide consistency of service.

You’ll be working with a managed learning service partner who will measure metrics which are important to the success of your learning strategy, to improve management and will create or support a learning culture.  We can assist with the management of the information and metrics you want to capture.

Management information dashboard

The Optimus Manage dashboard is an easy to read visualisation of the status of your learning and development activity.

The dashboard includes efficiency and effectiveness information covering total spend, department spending, the number of courses, the number of delegates, training days, cancellations and missed opportunities.

Reports are customisable to provide you with the information you need to analyse your learning and development activity.

Feedback analysis report

Our reporting includes analysis of delegate feedback over a given period, which gives you information you can use to make effective decisions.

We can also provide reports which provide evidence bases and data analytics linked to your measurement criteria, e.g. ROI, ROE, Value.

Integration with LMS

We can combine the management information we capture on our system for external learning, with the information on your LMS, so that you have a full picture of all learning and learner activity.  This is vital for planning and management buy-in.

Learn more about our packages or contact us to discuss how we go about capturing management information to shape future strategy.