Benefits of working with us

Choosing external L&D consultants is a considered decision.  If you like the idea of working with an expert, who understands your challenges and will support and help you then choose an Optimus L&D Consultant.

Innovation and best practice

Gain the support from L&D consultants who will bring new ideas and fresh perspectives into your organisation.  Use their knowledge, skills and expertise to boost your learning offering and become a leading learning organisation.

Proven expertise and experience

The L&D consultants that you’ll work with have and continue to be thought leaders in L&D, with proven success on global and local projects such as change management, e-learning, technology learning, Learning Management and Curation systems and virtual/augmented reality learning.


You decide how you work with our L&D consultants to ensure you get value for money.  We’ll always work to ensure you only use them for what you need, and when you need them.

Best use of your resources

For those occasions when even though you have the internal knowledge and expertise and it might not be suitable to use them, or they might not be available to support you in the way you required,  choose our L&D consultants.

Asking the challenging questions

Our L&D consultants are naturally inquisitive and will ask the challenging questions that are required to make your projects a success.  Use them to challenge your business and leaders to change the way they think.

Independent advice

Receive input and advice from L&D consultants who will be truly independent and therefore focused on achieving the results that you require for project success.

Learn more about our packages or contact us to discuss how our services will help you achieve your L&D goals and objectives.