Benefits of working with us

Create more time as an L&D team to spend with the people in your organisation by using our managed learning service to professionally handle the operational part of L&D. Free yourself from the shackles of L&D administration and focus on your people.

Fulfil your learning strategy

Reducing the time spent on the operational elements of L&D will allow you to invest your time engaging with your organisation, understanding their learning needs and focusing on your strategic learning plan.

Enhance employee performance

Helping you to work closer with your organisation will ensure you can create a learning strategy aligned to strategic goals and developing learning solutions to enhance employee performance.

Having access to learning solutions which address employee needs and improve their performance has been proved to increase employee happiness and retention. Improving your employee value proposition, to retain and attract the best talent for your organisation.

Improve operational efficiency

In addition to streamlining core processes, identifying and removing waste, we will respond to changing requirements and leveraging resources that contribute most to your success. You’ll be working with a partner with an understanding and hands-on experience of L&D.

Recognition for L&D

Working with our managed learning service will allow you to focus your energies on those areas that your organisation need the most. This will guarantee that your organisation will recognise the importance of what L&D does.

Our managed learning service is scalable, from single site to working across multiple sites and locations.

Reducing the cost of learning

We will ensure the value of your investment in learning goes further. We’ll use our knowledge of the L&D market to advise you on solutions to make a lasting impact, improve learner process efficiency, reduce the direct cost you pay for external training resources and provide a scalable service so you avoid additional headcount costs.

These savings on the costs of learning will offset all of our managed learning service charges.

Clients who receive our full managed learning services see reductions in learning costs of between 16% and 25%.

Improve the commerciality of L&D

For too many years businesses have looked at L&D as a cost not an investment. We can help you overcome this and ensure that your L&D department operates in such a way that your organisation recognises the importance of investing in learning.

Learn more about our packages or contact us to discuss how our services will help you achieve your L&D goals and objectives.