Stretch and protect your training budget with Optimise vouchers

Purchasing pre-paid training vouchers to procure your company’s training in future months brings so many benefits:

Exclusive savings – Stretch your budget with access to top tier discounts that we pass to you

Budget protection – Protect your budget from any potential cuts

More choice – Don’t be restricted to a single training provider
Access our pool of over 1500 approved providers with our impartial, expert advice to help you choose.

Longer period usage
 – More time to spend your vouchers
Our pre-paid training vouchers have an 18 month usage period as we know things can change within large companies.

Quality training options – We only recommend and provide high quality training and learning options

Plan ahead with confidence – Consolidate your budget and support your future budget planning

  – One single invoice allows us to provide usage reporting for your training so you can assess the impact and value of your L&D

Plus membership to the Optimus Knowledge Hub

  • Free L&D content and resources
  • Access to L&D knowledge webinars on topics such as AI, applications, productivity, personal development and more

How does it work?

  1. Purchase Optimise pre-paid training vouchers by contacting and using any promotional discount codes.
  2. Send us your training requirements at a later date
  3. Once ready, use your vouchers to book with any of our approved suppliers over an 18 month period.
  4. You can choose vouchers for particular subject areas too such as IT, management & leadership, compliance including health & safety and personal development.
  5. Covers all training and learning modality e.g. public scheduled, virtual, private, e-learning and more.
  6. Vouchers can be purchased for your chosen amount, no min or max values.