A new normal – are we there yet?

Globally businesses have been on an unparalleled journey of change due to COVID_19 restrictions and lockdowns.

As many of these are relaxed, is September 2020 a time when we start to ask – are we there yet?

Many companies are working through their re-opening phase, with pandemic safety still firmly at the core of activity. When we do reach the new normal, what will it look like for you and your company, and is there an informed development strategy to take you there?

So, what’s the plan?

Millions of staff continue to work from home rather than the office, but this is only one business transformation that is taking place. Many businesses are reviewing Pre-COVID_19 business plans and strategies. Identifying where these remain on-point and where there are now challenges and opportunities resulting from the pandemic.

In a recent survey carried out by the Business Growth Hub, over 4000 firms shared insights into the impact of COVID_19on the local business landscape.

When considering business challenges and opportunities, the need for a clear plan to take the business forward during the start-up and post pandemic phases was given the highest importance.

A quarter of firms surveyed said that workforce development was the key area of business support that they were interested in.

The significant changes to workforces resulting from the pandemic are wide ranging. Ill health and furlough concerns have been replaced by re-structuring and skills gaps.

Only 19% of businesses surveyed were recruiting new staff, but 28% of firms said they only partially had the right skills to match business plans. 4% said they did not have the right skills they need.

Prior to the pandemic only 12% of those surveyed would have given high importance to workplace training, now this has more than doubled to 25.5%

15% of firms recognised that one of the main future challenges facing business, was getting the right workforce and skills.

Business critical mandatory training remains essential alongside the need to train for the future. To equip teams with the knowledge and confidence that future business growth requires, strategic learning is a priority.

The final four months of the 2020 could be an opportunity to deliver training to take your business forward.  What does that look like for your company?


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