12 years of Optimus Learning

12 years of Optimus

It’s exciting times for us here at Optimus HQ! We’ve been celebrating our 12th year of providing L&D support to over 100 companies, helping with their learning and development needs, operations and processes.

L&D Support for companies

We’ve helped over 50,000 individuals with their learning by sourcing and managing their administration for either courses, workshops, coaching or e-learning. That’s enough delegates for the size of an entire town! To add to that, our approved suppliers now total to over 2,000 training providers, currently based across 17 different countries.

The changing L&D landscape

The L&D landscape has certainly changed dramatically over the last 12 years and no more so than the last 18 months. We’ve seen significant shifts in the way companies work with the adoption of remote and hybrid approaches, the way we learn with virtual learning embraced so positively by all and the way we manage talent with a stronger focus on retraining to retain and motivate employees.

Our managing director Blake Henegan commented: “It’s fair to say that the rise of virtual learning has most definitely allowed our clients to benefit in many ways, from cost efficiencies to training multiple employees across several timezones.”

“The need for learning and development has never been greater. For individuals the amount of content to consume is ever growing and for companies needs for L&D in attracting and retaining employees to provide that competitive edge.”

Fresh new look for the future

As we enter our 12th year, we thought it was a great opportunity for a little freshen up with a new look coming next month! Also watch this space as we continue to grow the team, refine our services and look at how we further improve our sustainability efforts over the next 12 months.

Sometimes its only when you make time to reflect do you realise how much has happened. Thank you to each and every one of you that has been part of this incredible journey so far – here’s to the next chapter!