What’s on your training plan this Summer?

Summertime L&D

Firstly here’s your seasonal reminder – it is Summer despite the intermittent sunshine! Wimbledon is here, the Euro championships, the flower shows, Glastonbury festival and all the other wonderful events the UK love the most, especially if the sun makes an appearance!

Reminder two – Summertime is the perfect time for your organisation to get on top of it’s L&D efforts. Summer is an ideal time of year for training due to several factors that make it conducive for learning and development activities:

1. Slower business periods

  • Reduced workload: Many industries experience a slowdown in business activities during the summer months, which allows employees to focus on training without the pressure of high workloads.
  • Less urgency: With fewer critical projects and deadlines, employees can dedicate more time and attention to learning and development.

2. Employee availability

  • Holiday planning: While some employees may take holidays during the summer, those who remain often have more flexible schedules. This can create opportunities for scheduling training sessions without major disruptions.
  • Placement students and new hires: Summer is a common time for hiring students and new graduates, making it a perfect period for onboarding and initial training programmes.

3. Preparation for busy seasons

  • Pre-holiday training: For industries that get busier in the autumn and winter, summer training ensures that employees are well-prepared for the upcoming peak season.
  • Skill enhancement: Employees can use the summer months to develop new skills and knowledge that will be valuable in the more demanding periods later in the year.

4. Team building opportunities

  • Outdoor activities: Summer weather allows for outdoor team-building activities and training exercises, which can enhance learning experiences and foster team cohesion.
  • Retreats and workshops: Companies often organise retreats and workshops during the summer, providing immersive learning experiences in a relaxed environment.

5. Renewed focus

  • Mid-year motivation: Mid-year can be a time to re-energise employees and refocus on goals set earlier in the year. Training during this period can help reignite motivation and commitment.
  • Review and adjust: Summer provides a good opportunity to review progress on annual goals and adjust training needs based on the first half of the year’s performance.

6. Flexible learning formats

  • Online and remote learning: The slower pace of summer can make it easier to integrate online and remote learning options, allowing employees to balance training with their schedules.
  • Blended learning: Combining in-person and online training methods can be particularly effective during summer, offering flexibility and variety in learning experiences.

7. Enhanced learning environment

  • Relaxed atmosphere: The generally more relaxed atmosphere during summer can reduce stress and create a more conducive environment for learning.
  • Positive mood: The longer daylight hours and warmer weather can improve overall mood and engagement levels, making training sessions more enjoyable and productive.

8. Strategic planning

  • Mid-year checkpoint: Summer serves as a mid-year checkpoint to assess what has been accomplished and what needs to be done. This can be a strategic time to implement training that aligns with updated goals and strategies.
  • Preparation for year-end goals: Training during summer ensures that employees are ready to tackle year-end goals and initiatives with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Leveraging the summer months for training can maximise employee development opportunities while minimising operational disruptions.

By strategically planning training programmes during this period, companies can enhance skill sets, boost morale, and prepare their workforce for upcoming challenges and busy seasons.

Working with a training outsourcing provider can provide the scalability and support that’s perfect for your summer training needs.

Why not get in touch to discuss your training agenda this Summer.