Remote Working & Wellbeing Masterclass

Remote working is a huge change for lots of people. Moving away from the security and support of their office to work from home is challenging for many employees.  

To support your employees Optimus has partnered with leading trainers to deliver virtual classroom training on Remote Working & Wellbing in the form of masterclasses of 60 to 90-minute sessions. You can choose to cover all or any of the core areas:  Mental Health, Physical Wellbeing,  Environment and Technology

Mental Health – the session will cover the importance of routine,  having regular breaks, fixed start & finish times, maintaining external contact, planning and relaxation. 

Physical Wellbeing – healthy body, healthy mind.   The importance of taking your daily activity outside, advice for vulnerable people and keeping safe, as well as eating healthy and limiting unhealthy snacks.

Get the Right Environment – hints, tips and guidelines on ensuring you have a great working area to be as productive as possible.  Covering ergonomics,  ‘office’ layout,  heating, lighting and healthy & safety.

Technology – discussing the best way to use the technology required for remote working as well as advice for phone calls and how to make the best of your situation.

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