Simplifying external training bookings


Self-service training booking portal

Empowering employees to have responsibility for their own learning is a must for any L&D function that wants to stand out.

But doing so comes with risks.  Do you have concerns about:

  • The quality of suppliers – how do employees know who is the best?
  • Departments acting in silos – not sharing feedback from training
  • Getting value for money – if individuals or departments are purchasing independently then you’ll never benefit from the cost savings of centralised spending.
  • Lack of information on activity – how you can create and manage organisation L&D plans if you don’t know what training employees are doing.

We have a simple solution to address all of this.   A self-service client portal for external training.

The benefits of your own branded cloud-based booking portal.

This booking portal gives you piece of mind that your staff can only select the highest quality value for money training from providers we’ve approved at prices that we have negotiated for you.    In addition,  you can add in your preferred providers.

The automated evaluation process ensures that feedback is measured and reported on –helping you and employees make the right decisions. We provide a set of standard forms you can also customise with your own questions.

A wide range of reports provide you and managers with instant access to activity and feedback, helping you with your reviewing and planning.

If you need  to ensure employees obtain approval before booking simply enable that option.

The Next Step

Learn more about our packages and Managed Learning Services or contact us to discuss how this portal will ensure your employees access the best training.