Benefits of working with us

Support managed learning services

We understand the challenges of developing staff in smaller organisations.  You don’t have the resources compared to large companies, budgets may be more restrictive and you may not always have the numbers for internal sessions.   Our Support managed learning services will eradicate these for you.

Use your time where it matters most

Freeing up the time you spend sourcing external providers, managing events plus associated administration will ensure your time and expertise is used where it matters most – with the business.  Spend more of your time designing and delivering learning solutions which make a difference to your organisation.

Lowering the cost of learning

Centralising the process of sourcing external training and learning solutions allows for greater control of spend.  Our market knowledge and commercial purchasing power will ensure that you can maximise the value of your budget and increase the investment in your employees.   Typically, clients using the Support managed learning services package save between 16-18% on the cost of their training compared to what they have paid directly.

Consistently high quality of learning

Our smarter supplier management and benchmarking will ensure that you’ll receive recommendations for proven suppliers who will exceed your expectations, improve your employee’s performance, and enhance the reputation of L&D.

We will never compromise on the quality of learning.  Ever.

Greater learning insights

You’ll have a better understanding of learning requirements with more time to spend with the business, combined with the management information we’ll provide to you on a regular basis.

Centralised process for learning

Support your organisation’s learning by offering a centralised process for the sourcing, booking and administration whilst reducing your workload.  The customer support team will handle ad-hoc learning requirements from the business on your behalf.

Build a personal learning network

We help our clients learn from one another by hosting L&D networking events, provide webinars and share their challenges.   You can start to build your own personal learning network to learn from, and share your wisdom, with fellow L&D professionals.

Learn more about our packages or contact us to discuss how our Support managed learning services will help you achieve your L&D goals , no matter how small an organisation you are in.