Minimising organisational risk with managed learning services

Working with a managed learning services (MLS) provider to manage specific training functions or the entire learning process offers many benefits that directly address and mitigate risks associated with procurement:

  • Supplier risk management: MLS providers rigorously vet and continously monitor suppliers, ensuring they meet high standards for quality, reliability, and compliance. This reduces the risk of working with subpar vendors.
  • Financial risk management: Including cost overruns, hidden fees, and budget misalignment. Many MLS providers offer fixed-cost contracts, providing predictability in budgeting. They also leverage economies of scale and negotiate better rates, minimise the risk of overspending on training programmes.
  • Compliance & regulatory risk management: MLS providers stay updated on the latest regulatory requirements, ensuring training programmes comply with relevant laws and standards. Comprehensive documentation and reporting help demonstrate compliance during audits, reducing the risk of penalties.
  • Strategic risk management: Aligning training programmes with organisational goals to ensure strategic alignment and avoid misallocation of resources.
  • Operational risk management: Including resources, technology and operational aspects of managing training.
  • Human capital risk management: Mitigating risks related to employee skills, knowledge gaps, and development needs.

You see choosing to work with a managed learning service provider is indeed the most sensible way to manage your organisation’s training!

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