• Helping you find the best training

Say hello to more time and improved productivity

Training sourcing is our speciality.

We take the hassle out of dealing with providers and ensure your employees receive the best training solutions.

Saving you precious time

We know that finding suppliers you can trust to delivery great training is time consuming and challenging. Background research, financial checks, due diligence, shortlisting, being bombarded by pushy sales people – it takes up your valuable time.

Work with us as your training sourcing partner and use your time more productively – showcasing your expertise, working on strategy, being a true business partner.

Access to our pool of quality training suppliers and solutions

We have access to an excellent and wide-ranging pool of training providers who offer a blend of learning solutions including face to face, in-house and e-learning. Our providers deliver training in a wide range of subject areas including soft skills, business management, IT and health and safety. Our thorough evaluation and selection process ensures we only select the best providers so that each training experience provides the best learning outcomes.

Working either with your L&D team or directly to the business our focus is the same – high quality training solutions to improve confidence and performance.

Lowering the cost of your learning

Typically, clients using the Source managed learning service package save between 16-18% on the cost of their training compared to what they have paid directly.

Have a look below at what our training sourcing service package offers you:

  • Alternatively, compare the difference between Source and Manage – our full managed learning services package.