Taking control of your time

Clock and screwed up paper

If someone was to ask you how well do you think you do managing your time what would you say? Is there still room for improvement?

Today’s world is moving so quickly with constant advances in technology, access to information and communication that we think there will always be room for improvement when it comes to managing our time.

Ironically it must be admitted that such advancements in technology can certainly help with this too, but remember only if the technology is managed correctly and you are the one in control.

Setting your time management boundaries

You’ve got to set the rules and boundaries up for yourself in order to implement and master efficient time management that works for you and your role. Consider these key areas when setting your boundaries:

Take care of yourself
Seem strange to be in this list? Trying to do much, in too little time without clear time management boundaries spells out disaster. Sleep well, eat well, get some exercise. Making time for yourself is your first priority and the rest will fall into place much more easily and happily.

Goals and priorities
Make sure you know what these are for yourself and your business, both the short and the long term. Finally, make sure you spend the time to regularly review these and adjust where needed.

Obvious we know but often we are under so much pressure with deadlines and expectations that we rush full pelt into the ‘doing’ without the planning, only to bite you on the bottom later on in the task/project. Take that time to plan appropriately at the start.

Build trusted process and habits
Whether it’s delete, do, delegate or defer when it comes to email management, setting your default diary or a bit of yoga every Monday morning, create what you need to feel in control to do your job happily and efficiently. You can then re-use processes and develop habits more easily as new tasks and activities come along.

And finally be disciplined
Remember you are allowed to delegate and say no, politely and without justification. Avoid distraction – do not have your mobile phone in a meeting, on your desk when writing that presentation or focusing on the task in hand.

Want to chat through anything in this article or talk about any training related to mastering your time do get in touch, we love talking time management.