Learning technologies – the key question

Learning technologies

“Are technology providers driving L&D or are L&D driving the need for learning technologies?”

This was the question I had after a day at Learning Technology, reviewing supplier offerings and chatting with L&D professionals.

I shared this on LinkedIn and received the following responses – more food for thought:

Its about the learning experience

Learning technology

Learning technology will never replace an actual experience…..or will VR develop so we can replicate the experience with the physical sensation but without the actual physical impact e.g. feeling burnt but no blisters.

Learning technologies  – whats the “Why?”

Why technology in learning


Do people adopt learning technologies as its new/shiny thing?

Shiny learning tech

L&D fashionistas

Shiny L&D again

Or is the profession lacking the skills and need their eyes opening to learning technologies?

L&D not mature

Learning technology big company

But ultimately it’s about the learners

All about the learners


My view is that learning technology is useful but we need to avoid feeling like we must adopt it unless it truly helps our employee population.  It’s hard to avoid herd mentality and FOMO but you need to isolate your organisation and consider the current culture.

Change takes time to make sure any technology or learning approach will be accepted and embraced within your organisation.

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Blake Henegan – MD