About us

Why we do what we do

Since 2009 Blake Henegan and the team at Optimus Learning Services (formerly Optimus Sourcing) have been on a mission to help the world of L&D showcase their true value.

We are inspired by and believe in the value of people. The value of connection with the people we work with and giving them the knowledge, the balance, the freedom to do what they do best.

We listen to the same message from L&D professionals the world over; from multi-national companies to single site companies, the administration and management of training solutions prevents L&D from driving real strategy forward.

Combined with a real passion for people and learning; we source, book and manage training and learning solutions to set you free from this struggle; to reduce your time spent on L&D administration and help improve your working processes – so you can go forth and showcase your true value.

Supporting you with the transformation of L&D

L&D has evolved significantly in the last decade and it’s more important than ever that experienced L&D professionals have the support to be able to keep up with this transformation and drive real change within their organisations.

There was a gap in the Managed Learning Service industry for a company that could deliver process efficiency and administration support for L&D departments combined with a real passion for people and learning. A company that would provide useful insights to the L&D community, share knowledge and work with L&D to understand and embrace the transformation of L&D. That’s us.

Helping management take note

L&D is a continuous investment within organisations. Over a period of time a lack of, or poor investment in L&D will have a negative impact.

Our plea to the board and to senior management is to recognise the value of L&D, to trust the L&D professionals in your organisation and enable them to make the changes that are needed for ongoing success.

Our working processes

Continuous support from your learning and development partner

We will provide ongoing support, spend time learning about your business and will always help you to add value.

We value long term relationships – we take a proactive approach and continuously look for ways to improve our service, resulting in you always getting the best support possible.

Your dedicated customer care manager

Our managed learning service clients are assigned a personal customer care manager who will provide advice on your learning solutions, certifications and manage your training plans.  We will learn about your company and culture to ensure the solutions you receive are relevant to your business.

Your bespoke learning process

You can create your own bespoke learning process, use our recommended standard approach or we will combine the two. Whether implementing our Support or Manage managed learning services we are striving for continuous improvement.

We will make sure any process fits with your current system and business requirements. Any bespoke process developed can also be adjusted at any time, as and when required.

Our timeline

The processes we create, provide and review are borne from our understanding and hands-on experience.

Since forming in 2009 Optimus Learning Services has handled over 7,500 events and learning solutions,  worked with 9000 plus employees, and continues to work with over 1500 suppliers, in the UK and globally.

Our clients have used us to procure and book over £10 million of training.

We know the marketplace and therefore know best how to support companies with their learning requirements.

Our promise to you

We promise to provide you with a managed learning service that:

  • Supports you achieving the goals of the L&D strategy

  • Connects with your employees to understand the learning needs

  • Recommend inspiring learning solutions

  • Help you to grow your L&D offering